Our Helping Hand workforce program is designed to help our youth and communities

In practice, workforce development means offering our communities training, development opportunities, and continuing education programs to maximize their job success and career pathway.it supports the career development, productivity, and success of our youth.

Workforce development prioritizes human development and boosts morale, retention, and productivity.

In our organization, we view the youth as assets, not just headcounts to perform a specific task or job. We empower kids to know their self-worth and value. Offering a variety of training opportunities widens the scope of an individual’s contribution to a community, even if their original career or job function dissolves or is no longer needed.

1. Career satisfaction

When youth feel a sense of belonging, ownership, and purpose, they’re likely to feel happier, work harder, and stay longer.

ICA’s Workforce development encourages our young workers to feel like assets to the business and bottom line.  We teach them to start thinking ownership for themselves. Now we don’t just aspire to play for teams but to own them too!

2. In-demand workplace

Workers, particularly Millennials, prioritize development opportunities when looking for a job. A 2016 Gallup survey found that “87% of millennials rate professional or career growth and development opportunities as important to them in a job—far more than the 69% of non-millennials who say the same.”

By hiring ICA workforce crew whether internship, apprenticeship, for hire or volunteering at your business, you attract talented and motivated people who want to grow within your company—and help grow it in return

3. Leadership and Management training

Rarely do workers receive dedicated leadership training outside of the workplace or specific higher education programs, yet all workers—even those who aren’t managers—can greatly benefit. Being a leader is hard, whether you’re in charge of an entire company, the day shift, or a short-term team project.

ICA’s Leadership and Management training educates workers on how to be inclusive leaders, how to communicate with empathy, and how to provide constructive feedback. By providing this training to your entire workforce, you upskill your future leaders and managers, building a strong foundation for your future company.

4. Diversity and Inclusion training

Every organization should provide diversity and inclusion (D&I) training, regardless of industry, size, or location.

D&I training leads to an open and safe workplace environment. This empowers each and every employee to do their best work and share perspectives and ideas. In turn, your team can enjoy a more productive, creative workplace, helping your organization highlight its competitive advantages and distinctive value.

5. Skilled workforce

ICA’s Workforce development programs keep training and education at the forefront of your organization. By investing in training (and retraining), our young workers benefit from a highly skilled team, and companies who hire our workers can feel confident in their job performance and career trajectory!

6. Better morale

Wise employers realize that work is just one part of their employees’ lives — and that’s OK.

By positively developing your workforce with ICA, you provide more value to your employees than a paycheck. You create room for creative, innovative thinking and provide the confidence needed to try new things and test new theories. Only then can your company grow and stand out among competitors.

7. Increased productivity

Workforce development helps your team work smarter without working harder — and eventually burning out.

8. Lower turnover

Investing in our young workers is investing in fundamental business needs. Founders and leaders who hire to grow, tend to find more success than those who hire to simply outsource or check a box.

Workers who feel neglected or taken for granted will probably look elsewhere. Although navigating the job market is always a tough task, skilled workers will do so to find a job that suits — and appreciates — them.

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