About ICA

Our Vision is to create a society of youth who can excel both in sports and life.

Creating Inner Circle Academy

Our Founder & President Ahmed Kabba, has always had a passion for helping kids and for sports.  Coming from such a culturally rich & diverse background, it has always been important for Ahmed to be able to reach back and help kids who want the help.  Being a former collegiate athlete, as a mindset alone, has propelled Ahmed to a platform that he uses to help thousands of families all over the world. 

In creation, Ahmed called on a number of the best high school and college coaches for interviews. With some, he volunteered to work with them. With others he was able to just watch & learn from them. He met and spoke with child education specialists & he developed a system for teaching kids, not only about the game of basketball, but how to become PRO beyond the NBA, NFL, Olympics & Entertainment.

Ahmed’s attention and energy is now creating this vehicle, of continuous growth, for kids to use for long after he is gone. Inner Circle Academy is a Not for profit directed towards helping our youth in local low-income communities.

As a 501(c)3, our Purpose at ICA’s Reach Back programs are designed to remove the resource and financial hurdles for disadvantaged communities & youth.

Our Vision is to create a society of youth who can excel both in sports and life. This is achieved by providing pathways for personal development with sports, mentorship, fundraising, and career enhancement opportunities.

Our Mission is to lead disadvantaged youth to structure a community of continuous growth, professional development, and leadership by providing opportunities for community engagement, sports and workforce development.

All of our coaches are high energy, inspirational, and committed to preparing young athletes (4-18) to becoming professionals far beyond just sports and teaching them the importance of reaching back to their communities, by lending a helping hand and becoming examples to their peers.

Growing Inner Circle Academy

We are committed to touching as many lives as we can.  We seek to help any kid who wants to be involved and cannot afford it.  We know just how important sports can be for the kid’s physical and mental so we use sports as a vehicle to teach professionalism.  We know not every athlete will go to the pro’s, so we make sure we give our kids the proper knowledge and skills to succeed on and off the court

We believe that what sets ICA Camps apart from other camps is our focus on our goals. Other camps may do a good job of serving as a daycare facility. ICA Camps knows what is important is more than just occupying the kids’ attention or giving them a place to expend energy. ICA Camps also know that what is important is more than just learning about the game of basketball, but instead, the development of your child is paramount.

At ICA Camps, our goals are primarily divided into three areas considered the Total Basketball Experience: physical, emotional, and mental. Your kids will experience growth in all areas to the extent that you support their development and encourage them to make the effort necessary to learn and grow.

Physical Goals

The obvious goals of a kids sports camp is to improve their performance in that sport. Your child will understand more about the benefits of physical training and exercise. They will receive information about how nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle choices affect their physical abilities. They will also learn from experience about the challenge of hard work.

The kids who attend ICA Camps strengthen their fundamental ball control skills. They gain a better understanding of the game of basketball: from ball-handling to team play strategies. They develop their athletic abilities to gain an advantage when playing basketball at the high school or college level. Our goal for our graduates is for them to use the abilities they develop at ICA Camps to take them farther in their athletic careers.

Emotional Goals

All kids at some point face struggles at home, at school, with friends, and especially when learning athletic skills. The goal of ICA Camps is to teach young players to focus on the task at hand.

Often, kids (and adults) are overly concerned with how they look and how they are perceived by their peers. This emotional need for acceptance is addressed in camp. We redirect their attention on developing and getting results, instead of bowing to peer pressure or other such fears.

Our goal for all our ICA Camps students is that they grow in their confidence and self-esteem.

Mental Goals

The students who attend ICA Camps will attest to the amount of hard physical work involved. At the same time, they begin to understand more about the mental toughness required to make it through the physically demanding practice sessions. Importantly, the kids will get a clear sense of why they are doing what they are doing in camp. They will begin to get a sense of purpose and a vision for where their skills can take them.

We also spend time talking with kids about making good choices and living clean moral lives. The choices they make are all part of their mental conditioning.

Through encouragement, the kids experience – not just hear – that the can be successful. This experience directly affects their beliefs and attitudes about their abilities. Our goal for the kids who attend ICA Camps is that they perceive the importance of a positive attitude and how that will affect their ultimate success in life.

How We Accomplish Our Primary Goals

ICA Camps has many coaching and counseling techniques that we effectively and successfully employ to help accomplish our training goals. In general, they fall into these main methods:

if you are looking for more private options beyond our scope of services please log onto our subsidiary company at theinnercirclelife.com